Professional Boundaries for teachers – the do’s the don’ts and in betweens

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 04 March 2024
Notice reference #: 1HAfYW

Bookings now open for a half day course (online) on Tuesday 14 May 2024 (9.30am–12.30pm).

The course covers:

  • What is a profession?
  • What is a professional boundary?
  • What happens when a boundary is breached?
  • What are the impacts of a breach?
  • Where are the dangerous areas?
  • Where is the edge – including scenarios for group discussion?
  • Social media – why is this so risky?
  • Tips on how to keep yourself safe online
  • Your professional responsibilities – including duty to report
  • How do you recognise if you (or someone else) might be breaching a professional boundary?
  • What to do if you have concerns about yourself or another teacher?

Events summary

New Zealand (nationwide)

14 May 2024 – 14 May 2024

Further information

Contact: Bindy Tatham

 (021) 735 153