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What we need from you

As a start, briefly tell us:

  • what problem you wanted to solve
  • how you solved it
  • how you knew you’d been successful
  • the context – for example, how your activity links in with The New Zealand Curriculum.

You might like to include any related documents and website links. If you want to include photos – these should be low resolution (email size).

If we can use your idea, we’ll be in touch for more information, including any higher resolution photos.

How to submit your idea

Email your idea and any related documents and images to

If we can use your idea, we’ll be in touch. Due to the volume of submissions it can take us up to a week to respond. 


We’re always looking for high-quality photos for the cover of the Education Gazette magazine.

To be considered, photos need to:

  • be vertical or portrait format (taller than they are wide) 
  • depict students or teachers engaged in activity
  • allow extra space around the subject matter (un-cropped)
  • be at least 300 dpi or more than one megabyte
  • be sharp and clear as possible, with natural lighting.

Conditions for photo use

We need written permission from everyone who’s identifiable in the photo – including a legal guardian’s permission for children too young to give consent.

Please fill in the photo consent form [PDF, 227 KB] and attach it to your article submission.

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