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COVID-19 prompted us to explore new ways of delivering the Education Gazette and make better use of our online channels.

You told us you prefer to search notices and vacancies online and wanted more great stories in print. So from 2021, we’re making more room in the printed Education Gazette to share the mahi of our education community, and moving the notices section online.

All notices will now be published exclusively online. Still free.

Use this form to list notices, including for professional learning and development, in the Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero.

What you need to know

  • Notices are published online within five business days. 
  • Each notice needs to be submitted separately. A series of up to five events can be listed within a single notice. 
  • Use the full range of options in this form to create high-quality notices targeted to the right audience. 
  • Read our terms and conditions and our privacy policy

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Where to find more help

  • Click the round “i” icons throughout the form for more information
  • See the checklist for information to have ready
  • Go to the guide to listing
  • If you have any questions, email


Have this information ready:

  • Text for your notice, including what it’s about and who it’s for
  • Contact details where readers can find out more or make enquiries
  • Date, time and venue information if it's for an event
  • An image (optional) (PDF or JPG files, less than 2MB or 3000px by 3000px). You must have permission or licence to use the image
  1. Your notice
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1. Type of notice

Event options

Event options

Events can be a one-off or a series.

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2. Notice details

Notice categories

Notice categories

Select one or more sectors for your notice and one notice category. 

Which group of educators or type of organisation does your notice relate to? *

Select which sectors your notice is relevant to.

Notice type *

Select a category for your notice. 

Notice details

Title and description

Give your notice a clear heading and explain what it's about.

There is a 12 word limit
There is a 300 word limit.
There is a 100 word limit
Upload image

Image (optional)  

Add a photo or image to help attract people to your notice. You must have permission or licence to use the image.

Images must be JPG or PNG format, and less than 2MB in size – bigger than 1500px wide by 1000px high, smaller than 3000px wide by 3000px high. Images may be resized or cropped upon publication.
Notice expiry

Notice expiry

You can list a notice for up to 10 weeks on this website. You can set an event notice to expire on the same day as your event or earlier (such as the registration closing date).

3. Contact details (published)

Contact details

Contact details (published)

Provide contact details where readers can find out more or make enquiries. This information will be published.

The name of the organisation listing this notice.
First and last name
Please include the area code, eg (04) 384 4444
Link directly to the web page or Facebook page associated with your notice. Drop the https:// portion of the web address.

Saving these contact details means you won’t need to re-enter them when you next add a notice (as long as you’re using the same computer).

4. Target your notice

Related categories

Target your notice listing *

Select categories to help readers find your notice when searching this website and subscribing to email alerts. Choose as many relevant categories as you like.

Preview your notice

Preview your notice

You’re nearly done! Click Preview Notice and wait for the page to load - you'll see what your notice will look like when it’s published, and you can check that all the information is correct.