Guide to listing vacancies and notices

How to submit a job vacancy or a notice for publication in The Education Gazette |Tukutuku Kōrero.

It’s free to list a vacancy or notice on the website and in brief in the print magazine.

We accept education-related vacancies and notices from a variety of New Zealand organisations, which are published at the Ministry of Education’s discretion. 

Guide to listing a vacancy or notice online

You can:

  • add images to your vacancy and notice listings, as well as upload a document (such as a job description or application form) to vacancies 
  • give a long description (up to 300 words) of your vacancy or notice, which will appear on the website
  • use the same form to submit a notice or professional development listing, and include event details for either type
  • tag your listing into different categories to make it easier to find, including letting beginner teachers know if a job’s suitable for them, and identifying which areas of the curriculum your listing relates to 
  • save your contact details (for up to a year), so you don’t need to re-enter these each time you add a vacancy or notice.

Any restrictions?

  • A 300 word limit applies to vacancies and notices online.
  • We only accept listings from organisations within New Zealand

Completing the vacancy or notice forms

If you have your information ready, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to submit a job vacancy or notice. You’ll find instructions and a checklist on each form. The checklist tells you what information you’ll need to complete the form.

You’ll also find helpful tips throughout the forms. These are marked with round 'i' icons, and explain specific requirements for that section.

Previewing and publishing your vacancy or notice

Before submitting your listing, you’ll be able to see how it will look when published online. You’ll also get a preview of the short listing that will appear in the print magazine (if you’ve selected this option).

You’ll be able to return to the form to make changes if you need to. Otherwise, you can submit your listing to us for publication.

We’ll send you an email once we get your vacancy or notice, and another when your listing is published. We'll make minor edits to your listings for consistency. If we think anything significant needs to change, we'll contact you.

Your obligations

Before submitting a listing, you need to be aware of our:

By submitting your listing, we’ll take it that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Advertising a job or notice in the print magazine

Use the forms on this website to list your job vacancy or notice in the print magazine. Just choose the issue you'd like your listing to appear in.

There will be 20 issues for 2020, published every two weeks during term time. 

Publishing dates and deadlines

Any restrictions?

  • Your organisation and job title (for vacancies) or course title (for PD notices) will appear in print.
  • For general notices your organisation and a brief description (100 words) will appear in print.
  • We only accept listings from organisations who teach the New Zealand Curriculum.

Enhanced print listings

You'll need to pay for any longer print listings, or those that contain images and formatting.

Costs vary depending on the size and format of your advert.

Go to the paid advertising guide or email to learn more about putting a longer vacancy or notice listing in the print magazine.

Timeframes for publishing

You’ll be sent an email once your listing is published online. This is usually within:

  • 2 business days for vacancies
  • 5 business days for notices.

If you’ve also selected to have the short version of your vacancy or notice listed in the print magazine, it will be published on the dates you’ve selected.

Get started

Go to the list a vacancy or list a notice forms to add your job vacancy or education notice.