Vacancy abbreviations and allowances

Check definitions of abbreviations commonly used in education vacancies and links to staffing allowance information.

Table of common abbreviations

(A) Area school
0.2/0.4 etc Relate to the amount of work each week. For example, 0.2 is a full day's work, 0.4 is two full days’ work
3R Payments for recruitment, retention and responsibility
Base Scale A full-time teaching position with no additional responsibilities (previously called Scale A)
BNZSLA Braille or New Zealand Sign Language allowance
CAA Career Advisers allowance
FTTE Full-time teacher equivalent
FTU Fixed-term unit(s)
HOD/HOF Head of department/head of faculty
(I), (I,A) Integrated schools, integrated area schools
IA Isolation allowance
LP Leadership payments
LTR Long-term relieving
MITA Māori immersion teachers allowance
MMA Middle management allowance
MU Management units
N/MSA Normal/model school allowance
(P) Private schools
PRA Principals recruitment allowance
PTSA Priority teacher supply allowance; HPTSA is high priority teacher supply allowance (secondary)
(R) Registered private (independent) schools
RTLB Resource teacher of learning and behaviour
SCT Specialist classroom teacher allowance (secondary schools)
SDA Special duties allowances
SIA Staffing incentive allowance
SMA Senior management allowance
ST Specialist teacher allowance (area schools)
TTA Tutor teacher allowance
U Grade Refers to the principal's salary grade(external link). This is based on a school’s roll range, and ranges from U1 (1-50 students) to U16 (2401 students or more)
Y Year (e.g. Y4 = Year 4 students) 

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