Recent website changes

We’ve made some changes to how the Education Gazette |Tukutuku Kōrero website looks and works. These changes should make the site easier for you to use, and give you better options when listing and searching education vacancies and notices, and browsing articles.

Searching and personalised suggestions

Content gets tagged into categories to help you find what you want and suggest content that may interest you. These personalised suggestions are based on which articles, vacancies and notices are similar to the item you’re viewing.

Login and email subscription changes

You can customise which articles, vacancies and professional development opportunities you want to receive, and when you want to receive them. You can also subscribe to the newsletter or general notices.

What these changes mean for you

  • To subscribe, you just need to provide your name and email address, and select your preferred options. You don’t need to log in to this website.
  • You can set up as many subscriptions as you like. Go to how to manage email alerts to find out how to changes your alerts.

Listing a vacancy

You now have more options to create attractive and targeted job vacancy listings on the website.

You can create separate listings for each vacancy you’re advertising, and provide specific information about each position. Guide to listing vacancies and notices. 

Listing a notice

You now can create attractive and targeted notices for education professionals.

All notices you list, including professional development notices, can now be added to the website using a single form. List a notice.

Notice details

You can now add date and venue details to any event or course listings. We’ve also removed some notice categories and added others to better reflect the types of notices you’re listing.

Go to our guide to listing vacancies and notices for more details.

Professional development (PD) notices

To have your listing appear in the professional development section, just select 'Professional development' as a notice type when completing the List a notice form.

Latest articles published online

While most articles will also appear in the magazine, some time-sensitive articles may be published on the website only. Sign up now to the newletter(external link) so you don’t miss anything.