Emergent Literacy Instruction for Children with Complex Communication and learning needs

Professional development (PD) Auckland, Canterbury

Posted: 28 February 2024
Notice reference #: 1HAfTJ

Literacy Instruction for Children who are Emergent Learners

Emergent literacy is the process that children move through from birth as they weave together knowledge about language and literacy. This includes code-related skills such as phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge; and oral language skills such as vocabulary and oral narrative development. Knowledge in these areas develops in an integrated manner to provide children with a strong foundation that has been shown to be critical to later literacy learning success.

 All children are readers and writers including those with complex communication and learning needs. We need to pinpoint where they sit on the continuum of literacy learning, identify their strengths and their areas of need, and then work together to differentiate instruction and optimise their learning outcomes. This workshop will equip attendees with a toolbox of ideas and strategies for maximising communication and literacy learning for children with complex communication and learning needs.

The workshop will cover:

  • The emergent literacy model
  • Guiding principles for facilitating emergent literacy learning
  • The importance of access to a comprehensive augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) system for children with complex communication needs
  • Specific strategies for creating print-rich environments, facilitating shared storybook reading interactions, providing emergent writing opportunities, and building important skill areas such as print concepts, phonological awareness, and alphabet knowledge
  • Ideas for older students who are emergent learners

Events summary


07 June 2024 – 07 June 2024


27 September 2024 – 27 September 2024