How will the new system work for me?

Issue: Volume 95, Number 16

Posted: 5 September 2016
Reference #: 1H9d4G

Applying for centrally-funded PLD

To be considered for centrally-funded PLD, you will need to create a proposal. This should include information about what you are trying to achieve, the evidence you are relying on to reach this conclusion, and how this relates to strategic goals.

If you need help, you should talk to your local Education Advisor. Your Advisor can help you with what’s required for a proposal and may decide, after consultation with you, that you need a facilitator to help develop your proposal. If you don’t know who your Advisor is, you can contact your regional office on the Education services website(external link)

The finalised proposal goes to your area allocation panel and you will be advised of their decision.

The allocation panel will include local representatives from the schooling sector and will bring local knowledge and understanding to the allocation process.

You can download a proposal template on the Education services website(external link) 

Selecting a facilitator

Once a proposal is prioritised, the CoL, school or kura will be allocated a number of hours for face-to-face facilitation. You can then choose to engage a facilitator by searching the online database of accredited facilitators for one which best meets your needs.

There will be a summary of the facilitor’s skills and experience and their referees, which a CoL, school or kura can contact. Schools can choose the facilitator they want, agree a plan with the facilitator and advise the Ministry. The Ministry then organises a statement of work.

Working together to develop a plan

All proposals will use the PLD journal which is a new tool that will be used to record your PLD journey from start to finish. It tracks the PLD proposal, planning and reporting.

You and your facilitator will work together to agree a delivery plan. Once your plan is complete, send it to the Ministry’s National Office where a contract for service delivery, based on the plan, is created.

Implementing your plan, review and report

You now work with your facilitator to implement your PLD plan across your school, kura or CoL.

The new PLD system is designed to ensure that we get your feedback quickly, with a reporting period after only six months. The report provides an opportunity to review the effectiveness of the PLD and how your delivery plan is working and progressing in practice.

At the end of your PLD, you should work with your facilitator to compose a final report to submit to the Ministry. The report provides you with a final view of what your PLD has achieved and acts as a source of evidence when you seek PLD in the future.

More information

For more information on the new PLD design:

Area allocation panels

Under the new PLD system, centrally-funded PLD will be allocated regionally every school term. CoLs, schools and kura will submit proposals to Area Allocation Panels.

Your regional Director of Education will be contacting key stakeholders to discuss the setting up of regional allocation panels. These panels will reflect regional diversity and priorities.

If you have any questions, contact your Ministry Regional Office or email

Contact details for all Regional Office(external link)

You can find out more about the changes to PLD on the Education services website(external link) 

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Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero,

Posted: 5:53 pm, 5 September 2016

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