Working with Rainbow Rangatahi with Dr Gloria Fraser & Lucy McLean

Professional development (PD) Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki

Posted: 29 May 2024
Notice reference #: 1HAgoA

Rainbow rangatahi (young people of diverse genders, sexualities, and sex characteristics) are overrepresented in statistics relating to bullying, family rejection, homelessness and negative mental health outcomes. Many rainbow young people report concerns that helping professionals will be discriminatory or will respond with surprise and discomfort when they seek support or assistance. Now more than ever professionals and the organisations they work for need to better understand and respond to the specific vulnerabilities of this diverse community of young people.

Join clinical psychologists Dr. Gloria Fraser and Lucy McLean for this informative, practical and positive workshop. Participants will leave with an increased understanding, and a kete of inclusive and practical tools which can be implemented immediately into your work (and organisation) to create a safe, affirming and effective space for rainbow rangatahi.

Some of the key content areas Lucy and Gloria will explore include:

  • Intersectionality and minority stress.
  • LGBTQIA+: Definitions and the responsive use of the right terms and pronouns.
  • Intersections of identity and mental health. Asking about identity.
  • Practice considerations:
    - An introduction to gender-affirming care.
    - Common professional ‘missteps’ and how to avoid them.
    - Identity development and sharing.
    - Self-reflection and self-disclosure.
    - Micro and macro ideas for creating rainbow friendly services.

This workshop provides a foundational understanding of the experiences and needs of rainbow youth for mental health and helping professionals, educational practitioners, and those working in community-based settings.

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