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Posted: 07 May 2024
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The Rock and Water Programme is a comprehensive training initiative designed to foster self-confidence, self-reflection, and respect for oneself and others. It is particularly effective in reducing bullying, enhancing self-control, and improving social and communication skills. The professional development workshops are aimed at educators, youth workers, mental health professionals, and others involved in the developmental support of young people and adults.

The training workshops offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, including self-defence, boundary setting, and communication strategies. Participants engage in physical exercises that help them understand their body’s reactions to various situations and learn to control their responses by recognizing physical and psychological cues.

The Rock and Water Programme is globally recognized and implemented in over 18 countries, available in four languages, and has reached over two million people. It caters to individuals starting from five years old and is equally impactful for adults. In a world where young people face immense social pressures from the internet, media, and changing societal norms, the programme provides essential guidance and support.

Each workshop comes with a quality manual, providing a resourceful guide for trainees to develop their own programmes to meet the specific needs of their  students or clients.

The two-day Primary School workshop looks at how to deliver Rock and Water across the Primary (and Intermediate) school. Through simple games and exercises the students are taught relational skills, learn to develop empathy and how to live, work and play together. 

The three-day Accreditation training covers the core Rock and Water Programme, and focuses upon students from nine years upwards. 

Please refer to the website for more information and to register. 

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26 September 2024 – 27 September 2024


28 November 2024 – 30 November 2024

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