You(th) Got Skills

Issue: Volume 98, Number 21

Posted: 6 December 2019
Reference #: 1HA3bu

A newly launched video series shows how the skills young people have acquired at school and in their everyday lives are valued by employers.

You(th) Got Skills is a five-part video series featuring students aged 15 to 18 from Manurewa High School in South Auckland. The webisodes tell the story of how they acquire and apply vital ‘soft skills’ in and out of school, and how these skills might be just what is needed by future employers.

In each webisode the students are teamed up with mentors and employers, who discuss how the skills acquired by these young people could be applicable in their respective industries.

Among the students featured is Porsha Sagote, who aspires to be a primary school teacher. The webisode highlights how Porsha’s leadership and critical thinking skills have developed during her time as head girl and student voice for the kāhui ako.

MYOB education manager Shailan Patel participated in the series and noted that Porsha’s skills, as well as her confidence and commitment, would be valued in his workplace.

Values and culture

“When hiring, we’re looking for those who can add to our values and culture at MYOB. We’re searching for people who are innovative, find new ways of doing things and are passionate about their work,” says Shailan.

“Employers want to know how students are applying what they are learning in class in a practical manner, like solving problems and finding solutions. How they are applying the skills they are developing.

“Communication is key to help them stand out. Students who can articulate their skills and experience both in person and on paper/online will be able to confidently demonstrate why they are right for the role they are applying for.”

Shailan wants to see Porsha and other young people succeed in the workplace.

“There are a lot of young people out there with the right skills, passion, attitude that employers are looking for. They just need to be heard, seen! The You(th) Got Skills video is a brilliant initiative to promote them, giving them the platform to be heard and seen.”

Fusion Networks chief executive Andrew Gurr agrees.

Role of the school

“I don’t know if kids will go after these skills knowing how useful they are; in my view this is the role of the school to promote activities that promote skills like communication, problem solving and relationship building. Presenting these soft skills could be any way - video, testimonials, or in a CV. The key is someone helping students describe what they learnt, as I don’t think they realise it.”

Andrew is impressed by the level of creativity and focused motivation displayed by students when they are engaged in activities they find interesting. The students he worked with on You(th) Got Skills are aspiring dancers Lose and Sifila Hafoka.

“If schools can help create this level of excitement in learning, more students will excel in my view,” says Andrew.

Watch the You(th) Got Skills webisodes(external link) on the Ministry of Education’s Youtube channel.

BY Education Gazette editors
Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero,

Posted: 10:47 am, 6 December 2019

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