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Issue: Volume 99, Number 19

Posted: 19 November 2020
Reference #: 1HAEax

The Talanoa Ako programme, which takes an ‘as Pacific by Pacific’ approach, recently featured at the 2020 SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards.

The Talanoa Ako programme partners with Pacific organisations and communities to lift the confidence and capability of Pacific parents to support their children’s education.   

The programme provides practical support for parents. Topics covered include understanding NCEA, the importance of literacy and numeracy, understanding school reports, information on learning pathways, ESOL, careers and vocational information, and parent and learner tips.  

The programme takes an ‘as Pacific by Pacific’ approach and is delivered through community partners in 65 Ako Centres across Aotearoa including 11 schools.  

To support Pacific parents during Covid-19, the programme delivered 10 sessions on 531pi radio in seven Pacific languages and English. Pacific teachers supported the development of the content into radio formats and delivered the sessions. 

The radio sessions are still available and can be provided to Pacific parents. The programme information is also available via the Talanoa Ako app in 10 Pacific languages and English.

Talanoa Ako recently won the Pacific Service Excellence Award at the 2020 SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards. The recipients are nominated and voted for by Pacific communities. Rose Jamieson, Deputy Secretary, Parent Information and Community Intelligence, received the Award on behalf of the Ministry of Education. 

“The Ministry is humbled to be recognised by the Pacific community and to be nominated for this award. We thank our Talanoa Ako partners across Aotearoa and all the communities, churches and homes that are benefitting from this programme. Using an ‘as Pacific by Pacific’ approach has been a key part of the success of the programme.”

The Ministry of Education also sponsors the Pacific Education Award. This year the award recipients were Sosaiete Aoga Amata Samoa i Aotearoa Incorporated, a strong advocate and supporter of Gagana Samoa in early childhood education, and Lynn Lolokini Ikimotu Pavihi, associate principal at Favona Primary School and passionate author and advocate of Vagahau Niue.

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Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero, reporter@edgazette.govt.nz

Posted: 11:52 am, 19 November 2020

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