Amusement device regulations for school galas

Issue: Volume 96, Number 14

Posted: 14 August 2017
Reference #: 1H9dx8

Under the current Amusement Device Regulations, an amusement device is any mechanically powered unit that is used for rider entertainment.

For example, mini-jeeps and merry-go-rounds are amusement devices. Any device that meets the criteria of an ‘amusement device’ must be registered as such. It is the responsibility of the device owner to register it with WorkSafe New Zealand after it has been certified by a chartered professional engineer. The regulations also require the owner of the amusement device to obtain a permit to operate from the local authority.

What this means for school principals and boards, as a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), is they have a duty to ensure that any equipment being used at the fair is safely operated.

The easiest way to ensure amusement devices are compliant is to use an operator that can demonstrate that they have registered the device and have a permit from the local authority.

If you are unsure, please email queries relating to registration of amusement devices to

It is important to note that there are other devices, such as bouncy castles, that are not covered by the amusement device regulations. The WorkSafe website has great advice about the safe operation of large, land-borne inflatable devices (external link)

BY Education Gazette editors
Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero,

Posted: 9:00 am, 14 August 2017

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