Review of Achievement Standards pilot phase underway

Issue: Volume 98, Number 19

Posted: 8 November 2019
Reference #: 1HA27v

The Review of Achievement Standards pilot phase is an opportunity to test the design of the new NCEA learning and assessment resources.

The Review of Achievement Standards phase commenced on 1 October 2019 and will finish early April 2020. This phase is an exciting opportunity to test the thinking and design of new NCEA learning and assessment resources, ahead of the review in 2020. It builds on the extensive engagement and co-design we conducted with all New Zealanders with an interest in NCEA during 2018. 

Four subjects have been selected to run through the process ahead of the full-scale review planned to commence late April 2020. Led by the Ministry, the aim is to refine the processes we will be using to develop new learning and assessment products and supporting resources for all NCEA subjects. 

To support us in this new and challenging work, we have formed subject expert groups (SEGs) for science, visual arts, religious studies and English. 

The results of these trials will inform the process for all subjects at NCEA Levels 1–3.

Draft products for feedback 

The SEGs have been developing key products:

The significant learning that needs to be taught at each level, resulting in a Learning Matrix.

Aspects of that significant learning which should be assessed, resulting in an Assessment Matrix.

A document which explains the rationale for how the new Learning Matrix and Assessment Matrix were developed and how decisions were made. This rationale will eventually be included in a much larger document called a Teaching, Learning and Assessment Guide.

In addition, the science SEG is developing draft Level 1 achievement standards with possible learning and assessment activities.

We will be ready to test these draft products with secondary schools and the wider community from 28 November 2019 to 14 February 2020. Your feedback on these products will help refine them and will inform the development of new products for the remaining subjects when those SEGs commence work in 2020. 

We encourage all educators to consider these draft products. Even if a subject is not your area of expertise, we need to test the design and format with educators from all disciplines. 

In April 2020, we will ask you for further feedback on additional products; for example, the achievement standards and assessment activities for the other three pilot subjects (English, visual arts and religious studies). 

SEGs for the remaining subjects 

We have received a tremendous response to the Expression of Interest for the remaining NCEA subjects, which was recently published in the Education Gazette and also distributed to subject associations and across multiple industry and tertiary networks. 

These applications are now being processed and will be finalised by mid-November. 

The full-scale Review of Achievement Standards is planned to commence late April 2020 with full implementation planned by 1 January 2025. 

What Subject Expert Groups had to say:

“It was good that the process involved not only the thinking of the subject experts, but other schools of thought in relation to curriculum, to shape what is considered key learning and what should be assessed”.

SEG member, English

“I appreciated that the process enabled all to contribute their experience and expertise and to bring a range of views to the table to create a cohesive and inclusive way forward for the learning matrix.”

SEG member, Science  

“A great team, passionate and knowledgeable about their subject area. Meeting face to face was critical to the robust dialogue that was exchanged.”

SEG member, Visual Arts 

“It was great to work collaboratively and to our strengths. Great to work electronically and to see the bigger picture as we worked.”

SEG member, Religious Studies

BY Education Gazette editors
Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero,

Posted: 9:20 am, 8 November 2019

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