New programme to grow future Māori leaders

Issue: Volume 99, Number 3

Posted: 27 February 2020
Reference #: 1HA5wb

A new rangatahi Māori extension programme, developed by Māori for Māori, reflects traditional models of learning.

A new initiative designed to grow future Māori leaders was launched by Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis at Kerikeri on 4 February. 

The programme, named Tauranga Kōtuku Rerenga Tahi by
Tai Tokerau Taumata, has been developed under the umbrella of Te Kawa Matakura, an initiative designed to provide development opportunities to rangatahi Māori who demonstrate a passion for
tribal knowledge, and partake in succession planning for their iwi
and te ao Māori.

“This is the realisation of the moemoea of many Māori for a long time,” said Kelvin Davis.

“Even better, it’s been developed by Māori for Māori. This has been developed by people who know Māori better than anyone else and who have reached into the past to find the solutions for our rangatahi going forward.”  

Wānanga-based extension programme 

The programme is the result of discussions with Ngaio (Māori experts) to develop a traditional wānanga-based extension programme for rangatahi aged between 17 and 25 years who are proficient in te reo Māori and show a strong desire to learn more traditional bodies of Māori knowledge and tikanga, such as mōteatea, hītori Māori, whaikōrero, karanga, navigation, weaving and whakapapa.

As part of Tauranga Kōtuku Rerenga Tahi, a unique Wānanga Tohu Mātauranga qualification has been established to better increase the opportunities for Māori to succeed as Māori.

Twenty-three students will work towards a Level 5 diploma, with a pathway to a degree programme.

The launch was attended by rangatahi, whānau, mātauranga Māori experts, teachers and Ministry officials.

Among them was Padre Brown, one of the rangatahi who spoke at the event.  

“We, the Māori people, find ourselves at a very clinical point in time where our language has only just come back from the brink of extinction. However, it is our history and traditions and many other key aspects of Māoridom that are now at the edge of extinction.” 

He believes the programme will serve as a “matrix of Māori ideologies” drawing on the spiritual, physical and mental realms.

“It will help instil within the next generation, facets of Māoridom that will mould and shape taiohi [youth] into leaders, equipping them with celestial knowledge, fundamental skills and qualities to fashion them into modern day leaders, reminiscent, dare I say, of the likes of Ta Himi Henare and Dame Whina Cooper.”

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BY Education Gazette editors
Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero,

Posted: 1:44 pm, 27 February 2020

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