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Issue: Volume 94, Number 21

Posted: 23 November 2015
Reference #: 1H9cy7

To date more than a hundred schools have had a say in the shape of the National Library’s new services to schools, participating in a series of regional workshops.

A group of fifteen schools, along with an external reference group, will continue to work closely with National Library to refine the new services over the next year.

Geraldine Howell, Director Literacy, Learning and Public Programmes, says “this has been a great opportunity to work with a wide range of schools to further develop the services. We have listened carefully to feedback from all sorts of schools including large, small, rural, high and low decile, Māori medium, secondary, primary and intermediate schools. We really appreciate that so many wanted to get involved in this with us.”

National Library’s new services to schools strategy focuses on engaging students with reading, digital literacy and supporting schools to develop great school libraries.

Changes to the service will be rolled out over the next three years with the first change coming into place in January with the new lending service.


Input from schools has helped the National Library, under the Department of Internal Affairs, to develop a prototype lending service. Further input from schools will help to refine it over the first year, to make sure that it works well for them.

Key features of the 2016 service:

  • A loan will be for the whole school, and will be available three times a year, in terms one, two and three.
  • Schools can borrow books to support inquiry topics and reading engagement as a part of the whole school loan.
  • The number of inquiry topics and number of books that schools can request will be related to the size of the school roll and is outlined in information about the changes at link)
  • Schools will receive letters before the end of the year about the changes, the registration process, and how to use the services.

The Digital Content Service

A new digital content service, based on feedback from schools, will be introduced from early 2016. It is designed to extend the range and depth of available digital content, and to make it easier to find.

There will also be greater access to unique content held only by the National Library.

The Capability Building Service

This service is about increasing confidence, skills and knowledge for students, librarians, educators and their communities focused on reading engagement, digital literacy and school library development. This will include a range of professional learning and development opportunities, targeted programmes, learning events and professional tools and resources.

Online professional development courses will also be available for teachers and librarians during 2016:

  • Term 2: 
    • School libraries supporting learning – part 1
    • Curating content for digital learners
  • Term 3:
    • School libraries supporting learning – part 2
    • Reading engagement

Course details will be available on the National Library’s website from the New Year.

More support

Over the next three years, National Library will continue to develop services and establish partnerships across the education, library and literacy sectors to help ensure “all young people have access to effective and connected library services and learning environments that support their development as engaged readers and digitally literate learners.”

More information on Services to Schools(external link)

Email the National Library on:

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Posted: 3:56 pm, 23 November 2015

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