From the playground to the classroom – including all students

Issue: Volume 94, Number 21

Posted: 23 November 2015
Reference #: 1H9cyD

In this and following issues we’ve asked users to review a range of guides on the site. In this issue, principal Mary Ely from Silverstream School in Upper Hutt shares her thoughts on the Deterring and Responding to Bullying Behaviour guide. The guide supports schools to take a more inclusive whole-school and community approach to reducing bullying behaviours.

General thoughts about the inclusive education website:

“I really like the way the Inclusive Education website ( link)) has been developed. Pooling resources from all over, including those from New Zealand and throughout the world, has been really helpful. I also like the inclusive perspective on this issue.”

In what ways have you used the deterring and responding to bullying behaviour guide?

“We’ve been looking hard at our whole wellbeing as a school. Last year we looked at what was happening in the playground and this included observations and parent, teacher and student surveys. This year we’re reviewing behaviour systems throughout the school and the guide helped us do that.”

What are the most useful parts of the guide?

“A number of the clips on the website will be really helpful to support discussions with students, parents and whānau. Some of the clips feature students, parents and whānau which makes them very powerful to watch. In particular it is great for students to get these messages from their peers. We’ve not used the clips yet but plan to in the future."

“For me the guide is not just about bullying, it is all about wellbeing. That has been a really useful thing. We really want to empower our students so they understand ways of behaving.”

Would you recommend the deterring and responding to bullying behaviour guide to other schools?

“I would absolutely recommend it. We will be using the website when we review our own policy and processes when it comes to this subject. The website is great.”

BY Education Gazette editors
Education Gazette | Tukutuku Kōrero,

Posted: 4:41 pm, 23 November 2015

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