Improvements to Novopay website

Issue: Volume 93, Number 21

Posted: 24 November 2014
Reference #: 1H9csD

Over the next four to five months, the Novopay website(external link) will change in two ways:

  • we will be adding more comprehensive how-to information, and 
  • improve the ways in which you find information.

This is in direct response to feedback from a user group on how to make it easier to find what you need, understand what you find, and use it appropriately to meet your needs. We’re really pleased to be able to give you what you’ve asked for – that’s the best way to ensure the changes being made will improve your personal website experience.

As a result, the website content will look a bit different but this is not a drastic change. Very importantly, there is no change to the End-of-Year/Start-of-Year content.

What is coming?

On 1 December, the Novopay website home page will look slightly different.

What will change?

Some of you find the current tabs unclear, so we are simplifying them. There will be:

  • Fewer tabs: News, Calendar, Relievers and Use Novopay will be removed to reduce current duplication. These can be found via other links on the home page.
  • One new tab, Contact Us, will be added to make this information more quickly and easily accessible.
  • We will simplify the tabs further next year as the website evolves.
  • Some of the boxes on the home page will change. There will be a new Information for box, and the Relievers box will go.
  • Information for will help a range of users with different needs. Relievers will be included in this new box.
  • New links will be added to the top ‘How to’ topics and Quick links boxes over the next few months.
  • If you need more help with these changes, a guide will be available from 1 December. Look for a link in the News box on the home page.

EoY/SoY content will not move

We are aware that the end of year is a busy period for schools, and that End-of-Year/Start-of-Year is currently the key payroll focus. In choosing to make website changes at this time, we have been careful not to change the way in which you access EoY/SoY information, including forms and codes.

In summary:

  • We are improving the navigation and content in the website.
  • As a result the website content will look a bit different, but this is not a drastic change.
  • The key new content areas are Information for and Contact Us.
  • There is no change to EoY/SoY content.

Your feedback is valuable to us

To assist with the ongoing development of the Novopay website, we welcome any feedback or suggestions that you have. Please click the Feedback link at the bottom of the website home page to let us know your thoughts.

BY Novopay Website Team
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Posted: 8:57 am, 24 November 2014

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