Advocating For You - Neurodiverse Teachers in a Neurotypical World

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 09 July 2024
Notice reference #: 1HAhM9

Empower yourself at our workshop for neurodiverse teachers, where you'll learn to effectively advocate for your needs and strengths in the classroom. Join us to enhance your communication skills, build supportive relationships, and create a more inclusive teaching environment. 

  • Increased Self-Empowerment: Gain the confidence and skills to advocate for your needs and rights, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced professional life.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Learn effective communication strategies to clearly articulate your strengths and requirements to colleagues, administrators, and students.
  • Better Classroom Management: Discover techniques for creating a supportive and accommodating classroom environment that aligns with your neurodiverse strengths.
  • Stronger Professional Relationships: Build positive and collaborative relationships with your peers and supervisors by openly sharing your experiences and advocating for necessary accommodations.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Develop a deeper understanding of your neurodiversity, leading to greater self-awareness, resilience, and overall professional development.

NOTE: Our workshops are strictly limited to just 8 participants in order to maximise their benefit to you. If you miss out this time, please email to go on the waitlist and we will re-run workshops based on demand.

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New Zealand (nationwide)

17 September 2024 – 17 September 2024