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Posted: 16 May 2024
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Science in a Van delivers fast paced, high energy science shows! Since 2011, we've been sparking excitement among both staff and students through our enjoyable, cost-effective, and captivating approach to science.

We come to you which means that there's no additional travel costs, recruiting parent helpers or the paperwork that comes with going off-site.

The pricing is simple too and usually works out to $6.50+gst per student. 

How will the day look? Here's a sample timetable (this can be adjusted to fit with your bell times):

9am: Science in a Van arrives and sets up

9.45–10.30am: Science Show 1

11.30am–12.15pm: Science Show 2

12.15–12.45pm: Science in a Van packs up and leaves school

Each science show is 45 minutes long and covers the Nature of Science and the scientific process. 

You can chose from...

The Wonderful World of Bubbles : Y0-4

It's all about mixtures, materials, reactions and of course there's giant bubbles!

What's the Matter? Y3/4-8

Covers material properties, states of matter and the periodic table. There's a heap of experiments like changing materials by temperature.

Daring Demos (Chemistry 2024/Physics 2025) : Y0-8

Designed for small schools who love learning together. Be ready to be wowed by a heap of demos!

Billy Goats Gruff : Y0-3

Your juniors will be spellbound as they watch the crafty goats use their knowledge of physics to move the stinky troll out of the way!

Move It! : Y3/4-8

Explore the three laws of motion and fly a rubber chicken on a water rocket! What? Your students will be buzzing about how and why things move.  

The Science of Sound : Y3/4-8

What sound is, how it is created and how sound behaves. Understand volume, pitch and frequency and experience a pressure wave!

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15 May 2024 – 14 November 2024

New Zealand (nationwide)

10 February 2025 – 11 April 2025

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Contact: Emily Worman

 (022) 682 3009