TENZ Wednesday Webinar Series: Data Representation, Algorithms and Cryptography!

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Posted: 15 May 2024
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26 June, 4–5pm

Technology Education New Zealand (TENZ) is a non-profit professional, collaborative association, promoting and supporting all levels of technology education in New Zealand.

TENZ is organised by teachers for teachers and our aim is to enhance the learning and teaching of technology by creating a well informed, well connected, supportive, and sustainable professional community that has a strong voice and provides effective advocacy for technology education.

Each month TENZ hosts a FREE webinar for educators (every Wednesday in the 4th week of the month, 4 to 5pm). Webinars explore and introduce a wide variety of projects, ideas, technology education updates for teachers to utilise in their own classrooms and schools.

This month, the webinar showcases Data Representation, Algorithms and Cryptography!

Are you seeking an engaging way to teach problem-solving, data representation and algorithms in a relevant real-world context? 

Grok Academy’s latest free course in the Cyber Skills Aotearoa programme focuses on the underlying algorithms and data representation concepts underpinning cryptography.  Akōnga learn about cryptographic ciphers and the techniques used to break these forms of encryption. The course also explores how encryption techniques can hide messages in images and sound!

We will discuss how this course links to the Computational Thinking strand of the Digital Technologies curriculum.

Suitable for: Secondary 

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New Zealand (nationwide)

26 June 2024 – 26 June 2024

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Contact: Vanessa Thompson