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Posted: 19 May 2023
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Marine biosecurity is a relatively new and little understood field, but vital to the health of our bays, harbours and oceans. 

To help ensure the next generation understand how and why marine biosecurity is so important, a group of expert marine organisations have prepared a three-part classroom module. 

“Marine biosecurity, like biosecurity on land, is all about protecting our coastlines from pests. On land we take action to stop pests like rats, stoats and weeds. We need to do exactly the same underwater,” says Aless Smith, Biosecurity specialist at Northland Regional Council.  

The module, which is presented in both Google Docs and in PDF format for learning on and off-screen, includes a series of colourful activities to help teachers and learners understand what marine biosecurity is and why it is important, understand why marine pests are bad, how to identify them and stop them spreading, a communications and advocacy opportunity, and includes the option of a beach trip.  

Through the modules, students learn about marine pests and the impacts they can have on the marine environment and be inspired to take action to monitor and report marine pest sighting.

This three-part resource is highly relevant to the ‘Nature of Science’ strand of the New Zealand Curriculum and includes opportunities for gathering and interpreting data, using evidence, critiquing evidence, interpreting representations and engaging with science. 

It was developed by Northland Council, Auckland Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, the Ministry for Primary Industries, the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre and Young Ocean Explorers. 

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