Teacher Aides Supporting Early Readers and Writers

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 19 May 2023
Notice reference #: 1HA_zC

Teacher aides can apply for Ministry of Education funding under the ‘set category’ to access the 2023-2024 PLD funding for this course.

Build capability for teacher aides to work with students in guided or instructional settings· Identifying learning behaviours and strategies that lead to becoming effective readers and writers· Supporting teacher aides to understand reading and writing processes and provide knowledge and strategies to enable them to interact with students in a way that maximises learning. Sessions will respond to individual needs and address personal challenges faced in the role of supporting students struggling with reading and writing.

To enrol click here: Teacher Aides Supporting Early Readers and Writers

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24 July 2023 – 24 July 2023

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Contact: Kohia Centre

 (09) 623 8977