Teaching spelling and phonics to support writing

Professional development (PD) Waikato

Posted: 23 March 2023
Notice reference #: 1HA_40

Phonological awareness, phonics and spelling skills are important for students to master so they can focus on the ideas and content of their writing. These skills also allow students to decode words in reading. In this workshop, Louise will introduce high impact mini-lessons that can be used to explicitly teach students phonics and spelling skills. She will also revisit the writing lesson and look at how to support students to apply spelling skills in writing and to improve their ability to proofread. 

Aims of the workshop:

  • to develop subject knowledge about phonological awareness, phonics and spelling
  • to unpack the progression of phonic skills and the developmental stages of spelling
  • to learn high-impact activities to teach phonics and spelling
  • to review practical ways to support students to apply spelling skills in writing.

Events summary


03 July 2023 – 03 July 2023