Ko Pohutukawa: Sharing death & other big whakaaro with tamariki

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 15 March 2023
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April online lecture, as part of the ELP 2023 Lecture Series

Interconnectedness is a pou of Te Ao Māori, and as in many cultural understandings of the world, death is integrally connected to life. As we work towards deepening our understandings of Te Ao Māori in ECE through avenues such as pūrākau, Matariki me Pūanga, waiata, karakia, and ngā Atua Māori, we will encounter the whakaaro of death, as well as tikanga and kawa surrounding death, that are shaped by a Māori worldview. How can we equip ourselves to not only make meaning of these for ourselves as kaiako, but also to share them with tamariki? How can we do so in ways that honour the mātauranga Māori being shared, as well as the tamariki and their whānau as unique cultural beings?
Join Emma in wānanga to explore these pātai, and examine how we can hold space for our own ideas and beliefs, while giving respect to the indigenous knowledges we are drawing upon.

5 April, 7–9pm - $50 per person 

Recording available for all pre-registered attendees

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New Zealand (nationwide)

05 April 2023 – 05 April 2023

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