Knowing and teaching the reading brain -featuring the iDeaL Approach

Professional development (PD) Canterbury

Posted: 13 March 2023
Notice reference #: 1HAZs8

This workshop will layer your knowledge and understanding of the foundation skills required for all learners to become successful readers and writers. 

Workshop focus - iDeaL Reading:

  • Unpacking the Reading Rope - Language comprehension and word recognition skills
  • Learn how you can recognise the 4 most common reading profiles of students in your class
  • Your assessment kete explained - Non word reading assessments and the iDeaL reading skills record
  • Planning for instruction - differentiating through various plans and text use.

Suitable for:

This workshop is suitable for teachers, learning assistants, leaders, RTLits, RTLBs. Current iDeaL users and aspiring iDeaL users.

If a school/teacher attends that is not currently an iDeaL user, there will be an option to subscribe to iDeaL following the workshop.

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21 June 2023 – 21 June 2023