‘Opposites World’- a hilarious tale of rules, problem solving and friendship.

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Posted: 25 January 2023
Notice reference #: 1HAZ9J

‘Opposites World’ is a one-person storytelling show for 3- to 5-year-old children. Performed by Beth Kayes- who brought you ‘The Great Teddy Bear Escape’- it combines storytelling, vivid characters, colourful costumes, comedy, physical theatre and music. 

Synopsis: Kezia is a teddy bear and he loves opposites. He uses his inside voice outside but his friends can’t hear him! When he is inside, he uses his outside feet and runs fast but everything gets knocked over or goes flying. At dinner time he is full and at bed time he is wide awake!

Kezia loves opposites so much that he leaves his friends, teachers and family and journeys to Opposites World. There Kezia meets a fish out of water, a flying cow, and a caterpillar who is afraid to go into his chrysalis. They all have problems and ask Kezia for help so he works with them to find solutions.  Kezia becomes the star of Opposites World and more creatures line up to get Kezia's help with their problems.

From Opposites World he can see his friends (who must be his enemies because everything is the opposite). Kezia misses his friends and he is getting tired of solving other creatures’ problems. So, he decides instead to solve his own 'opposites' problem and journeys back home. He is just in time to play with his friends. 

‘The Great Teddy Bear Escape’ is a fun filled one woman show performed by Beth Kayes. Our Kindergarten children were thoroughly entertained with her superb characterisations and fabulous physical theatre skills. Julie Killick, Head Teacher, Chelsea Kindergarten, Auckland

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New Zealand (nationwide)

01 March 2023 – 07 April 2023

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