‘Wild Feelings’ a tale of wellbeing and sustainability- for Y1-6

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Posted: 25 January 2023
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Co Theatre Physical’s new show ‘Wild Feelings’ for Y1–6, combines the curriculum areas of Science and Hauora through the characters of a jealous tūī bird and a famous bar-tailed godwit (kūaka).

Hauora: We dive deep into difficult emotions with the jealous tūī and surface with multiple ways to process and resolve uncomfortable feelings.

Science: We journey across the world with the kūaka and learn about her adventures and environmental challenges. ‘Wild Feelings’ examines the life cycles of the tūī and the kūaka, their interaction with other creatures including predators, the threats to their habitats, and the impacts that humans have on these creatures.

Co Theatre Physical mixes story, vivid characterisations, physical theatre and comedy.  ‘Monarch’- winner of the 2021 ‘Plays for the Young’ (Playmarket NZ) and ‘Royal Jelly’ have both toured to schools in the last few years.

Praise for ‘Monarch’

'Monarch' contained all of the interwoven elements within Performing Arts, while presenting relevant curriculum concepts & information based on Science, Social Sciences, Writing, Environmental issues, and much more. Full of humour and pitched at a level for tamariki to access. What more can I say… fantastic.  Angie Riggs, Assistant Principal, Don Buck Primary School, Auckland June 2021


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New Zealand (nationwide)

27 March 2023 – 30 June 2023

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