First Year Beginning Teacher Programme for Teachers who Teach Y0-3 Students

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 24 January 2023
Notice reference #: 1HAZ5o

Commencing Wednesday 15 February 2023 this programme covers seven on site sessions scheduled 9.30am-3pm plus two scheduled online zoom meetings. Continuous personal mentoring and support is offered by Jo Williams, Lead Facilitator, together with a line-up of knowledgeable, experienced facilitators who coordinate a wide range of sessions.

Venue: MIT Otara North Campus, East Tamaki, Auckland.

Session 1:  Wednesday 15 February – Getting Started! Jo Williams provides information about the Induction and Mentoring Programme, unpacking codes-standards, setting goals, creating effective learning environments.

Session 2Wednesday 1 March – Developing an Effective and Balanced Reading Programme with Louise Dempsey.

Session 3: Wednesday 29 March – Online zoom meeting with Jo Williams concerning Developing Positive and Meaningful Relationships.

Session 4: Wednesday 10 May – Lucie Cheeseman offers an Inquiry Based, Rich Connected Mathematics Programme including unpacking learning progressions and alignment in the NZ Curriculum, problem solving, mathematical communication skills.

Session 5: Wednesday 14 June – Setting the Foundations for Establishing an Integrated and Balanced Writing Programme for Junior Writers presented by Jo Williams.

Session 6: Wednesday 2 August – Integrating more Te Reo in the Mainstream Classroom with Michele Coxhead including te reo Maori activities, resources. 

Session 7: Wednesday 6 September – Hands-on exploration Student Engagement Through Science and an Integrated Curriculum with Eleanor Hart.

Session 8: Wednesday 1 November – Teachers’ Choice concerning a preferred PLD topic.

Session 9: Wednesday 15 November – Dyslexia – A Guide to Recognising and Understanding Dyslexic Students, a final zoom meeting presented by Jo Williams.

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15 February 2023 – 15 November 2023

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Contact: Alison Miller

 (027) 544 2924