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Posted: 24 January 2023
Notice reference #: 1HAZ5R

Research indicates that teachers rarely find opportunities to write for any reason other than school related activities such as report writing. It has also been suggested that some teachers are not fostering creativity and risk taking within the classroom because of the immense pressures associated with accountability - such as test results, reporting and genre coverage. Others argue that teachers lack the confidence to model writing because they don’t write themselves.

There is some research to support that kaiako should reposition themselves as writers. But is this an achievable goal? For example, in order to teach maths, do you need to be a mathematician?

Recent findings from Dr. Simpson’s research suggest a more achievable goal – that kaiako reposition themselves as storytellers. Storytelling has been a universal approach to communication for thousands of years. Moreover, such a position resonates with mātauranga Māori approaches to education and te korero purakau me te reo a waha – traditional forms of knowledge and Māori storytelling and oral language.

Kaiako benefit hugely from sharing their formative stories of their lives, practice and reflections, and yet are provided with no time to do so. Moreover, when kaiako are confident and free to share their own stories with their ākonga, they encourage their learners to share their own stories. By doing so, kaiako can create an atmosphere of equality in the classroom.

Join award winning author, teacher and pedagogy consultant, Dr. Phill Simpson, for a fun filled day of creative writing, storytelling and sharing.

What to expect at this event:

  • This is a hands-on, practical, bring your own device class.
  • Morning tea, beverages, and lunch will be provided

Course location:

This workshop will take place at Google’s bespoke headquarters in Auckland CBD.

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13 June 2023 – 13 June 2023

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