Learn Korean online for free in 2023 

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Posted: 05 December 2022
Notice reference #: 1HAYXd

Students are invited to participate in VLN Primary Korean classes.

  • Whole class or small group participation welcome. L1–2 NZC. 
  • Beginners and extension classes. 
  • 5 week language and culture taster available. 
  • These classes are sponsored by the Korean Education Centre and there is no cost to participate.  

Teachers are welcome to learn alongside their students. 

Registrations close Monday 13 February 2023. Classes start 6 March and run for 15 weeks.

Korean classes are free* for 2023. The Korean Education Centre (KEC) is sponsoring classes so teaching costs are covered. VLN Primary membership costs still apply. *Free classes are subject to availability.

Further information

Contact: Rachel Whalley

 (027) 656 6140