Growing Great Leaders™ Level 2

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 03 October 2022
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Schools are highly complex organisations. This demands skilled and knowledgeable teams of leaders who are ready and willing to work together to solve the challenges that inevitably arise. In doing this, they must not only lead improvement but also, build trust. Growing  Great Leaders - Level 2 (GGL™ 2) is a practical, research-informed workshop series designed specifically to address these imperatives.  

GGL™ 2 challenges leadership teams to work together to identify and progress a significant student-centred improvement priority from their school. This project-based approach is scaffolded with relevant theory and rich examples to promote the development of high level knowledge and skill. Course content includes strategies that enable teams to:

  •  Identify a significant, student-centred improvement priority in their  own school
  •  Undertake causal inquiry and solution design
  •  Implement and monitor their solution, making iterative adjustments as  appropriate.

The course includes 2 full-day (non-consecutive) face-to-face seminars, in-school inquiry and action,3 online facilitated professional learning groups (PLGs), and an online 'Reflections on Learning' presentation.  

‍Please note, Completion of Growing Great Leaders™ Level 1 is not a formal prerequisite, although it is recommended.

Further information, including course dates, times and venues, can be found on the Tui Tuia/Learning Circle website.

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01 August 2023 – 22 August 2023