Biology of wellbeing and mental health – Online Seminar

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 04 August 2022
Notice reference #: 1HAVNL

60 minute online seminar for teachers and counsellors 

What does having wellbeing and mental health mean? Does a lack of wellbeing and mental health infer disease? Can having wellbeing and mental health only be measured superficially with checklists? In this talk, we look critically at what having wellbeing and mental health mean from a biological perspective. Joseph is a doctoral candidate at the University of Auckland studying neuro-imaging and psychopharmacology. His research area includes trying to better understand how to treat depression and how to understand the underlying biology of depression using brain imaging techniques like EEG and FMRI.

Joseph has also been widely involved in teaching anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, and experimental design courses in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In his spare time, he plays the violin in chamber and orchestral settings.

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New Zealand (nationwide)

18 August 2022 – 18 August 2022

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