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Posted: 04 August 2022
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Seeds for engaging science activities, experiments, seed dissections, or to grow for eating as sprouts, microgreens and vegetables. Chosen for classroom use because of their ease and speed of germination, and conveniently packed in suitable quantities for groups of 25–30 students.

Seed types available include: sycamore, alfalfa, red clover, radish, wheat, rye, runner beans, broad beans, lawn seed, Phacelia, buckwheat, a ‘jungle mix’ and more. Seed types can be purchased separately or as a value-for-money Seeds Starter Pack.

Seeds Starter pack contains: Red clover 50g, Radish 50g, Alfalfa 50g, Wheat 100g, Rye 100g, Scarlet runner beans 50g, Broad beans 100g, Grow a jungle mix 100g. Contained in a vermin proof, recyclable box.

Delivered by courier throughout New Zealand. 

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