Change Leadership Essentials - Mark Osborne

Professional development (PD) Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty

Posted: 07 July 2022
Notice reference #: 1HAV1J

Change Leadership Essentials

for current and aspiring middle/senior leaders

The only constant in life is change, but unfortunately very little professional learning is available to existing and aspiring school leaders on how best to lead change.

This session will draw on Mark Osborne’s PhD research into leading change effectively to identify guiding principles and practical strategies to help people support teams and communities through change.

Particular consideration will be given to:

  • Preparing for change: building readiness, generating urgency and overcoming status quo bias.
  • Implementing change: supporting people to take first steps, diffusing innovation through the whole organisation and working with resistance to change.
  • Sustaining change: embedding change in the culture of the organisation, consolidating, self-review and generating further change.

This day will be especially useful for current and aspiring middle and senior leaders.

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26 August 2022 – 26 August 2022


26 August 2022 – 26 August 2022

Bay of Plenty

26 August 2022 – 26 August 2022


26 August 2022 – 26 August 2022

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