2022 APPA/ARA Lodge Music Competition

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Posted: 26 May 2022
Notice reference #: 1HAUPm

2022 APPA/ARA Lodge Music Competition for Strings & Piano Young Musicians

Between 1998 and 2015 there was a Knights Templar – APPA Music Competition for children in Y5–8 which gave young people performance experience before an audience and with financial prizes. The Irish Lodge [ARA] has offered to continue to support a music competition for talented musicians who hold Grade 5 or higher in association with APPA. 

If there are a large number of applicants there will be a Preliminary Competition in early September at a date to be agreed. The finals will be on Sunday, 18th September, from about 12pm or 1pm through to about 4pm at the ARA Lodge at 87 Airedale St in the CBD.

Applications close on Friday 19th August 2022.

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18 September 2022 – 18 September 2022