Observing and Responding to Play with Learning Stories

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 04 May 2022
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3-Part Webinar Series  

By Dr Sarah Aiono, Longworth Education, New Zealand

Dr. Sarah Aiono shares ways to use the observations made and subsequent Learning Stories constructed as children play, to intentionally respond in ways that assist your children to develop their learning dispositions, knowledge, and skills in your school or centre setting.

Times in New Zealand - 10am NZT on May 6, June 3 and July 1

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Part 1: Using Observation to Guide Intentional Teaching

Learn about observing play and using Learning Stories to develop an intentional teaching response.

Part 2: Finding Math Concepts & Language

Unpacking the Notice, Recognise and Respond approach and how the use of Learning Stories can guide the thinking a teacher engages in to deliberately support children’s learning.

Part 3: Learning Dispositions and Socio-Emotional Skills

Focus on ways teachers can draw on Learning Stories to intentionally support the development of key socio-emotional skills and learning dispositions within play-based environments.

Events summary

New Zealand (nationwide)

06 May 2022 – 06 May 2022

New Zealand (nationwide)

03 June 2022 – 03 June 2022

New Zealand (nationwide)

01 July 2022 – 01 July 2022

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