Teaching Writing in Y0–2

Professional development (PD) Wellington

Posted: 14 January 2022
Notice reference #: 1HASPX

We are hearing a lot about the science of reading, so what about writing? In this course you will learn about empirical research into writing instruction, and practise using a range of effective, fun, and child-friendly methods - that complement structured literacy approaches.

The day will be focused on teaching the early foundational skills of phonemic awareness and handwriting, and supporting beginners to plan and write. You are invited to bring writing samples of the students you teach so that our discussions can be targeted to the particular learning needs of your classes.

This course is practical and has been developed with busy classroom teachers in mind. We want you to leave feeling confident in your knowledge of the research into writing instruction, and prepared and excited to teach the key skills - the very next day.

The course will follow a workshop format and will include discussion, lesson demonstrations, and practise using the recommended methods.

Course materials include a course workbook – in which to take notes and to work on reinforcement activities for key information. Other materials will be available for demonstrations and practise, including a sound/toy library, and handwriting resources.

This course is aimed at syndicate and literacy leaders, beginning and experienced teachers of students in Y0–2, RTLBs, and teachers of older students with writing difficulties.

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01 March 2022 – 01 March 2022