Notice, Recognise and Respond to Meaningful Learning

Professional development (PD) New Zealand (nationwide)

Posted: 13 December 2021
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When you think of learning for young children, what comes to mind? What does learning really look like? The challenge for teachers is to notice what is meaningful learning for children, not ourselves and capture this. Looking and thinking more deeply takes time, dedication and intelligent observation. It is the key to uncovering what is truly important to a child. During any day we can notice hundreds of things that children are doing. Through professional expertise and judgement we can recognise many of these things as meaningful learning. We must then respond to the learning we have recognised in order to support and extend it for children.

This workshop will delve more deeply into how you can make this possible.

Presented via Zoom.

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New Zealand (nationwide)

14 March 2022 – 14 March 2022

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Contact: Martina Ewing

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