Workshop: Teaching Writing in Y0–2

Professional development (PD) Wellington

Posted: 06 December 2021
Notice reference #: 1HARp6

Teaching writing in Y0–2: the 'what' and 'how' of effective instruction, March 1, 9:00-4:30, Rutherford House. 

We will discuss the empirical research into writing instruction, and practise using a range of effective, fun, and child-friendly methods. These methods complement structured literacy approaches, and have the potential to transform student achievement in your school. 

"These approaches have completely changed the way I teach writing and structure my lessons. It is no longer a stressful and daunting process for both student and teacher. Helen has helped me to focus on the smaller steps of the writing process and the progression for each of my students. For my students they are now all able to articulate what they are working on in their writing and they are only 5!" 

We hope to see you there.

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01 March 2022 – 01 March 2022