Open to Learning™ Leadership

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 03 December 2021
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Learn how to tackle and progress tough issues whilst building trustful relationships. Many leaders find it difficult to build relationships while tackling and progressing significant work tasks and problems. OTL™ Leadership is unique in explicitly addressing the integration of task and relationships so that respect is maintained while difficult issues are progressed.

The workshop provides:

  • Coaching and extensive feedback from experienced and accredited facilitators on participants’ personal leadership style.
  • Problem-solving contextualised to each participant’s role and organisation.
  • High-quality course materials that include templates, cue cards, selected readings and workbooks.
  • Research-based professional development with direct relevance to participants’ own leadership and school development.
  • Considerable time for practising OTL™ conversations.
  • Expert critique of participants’ conversations.
  • A deepened understanding of the values that underpin OTL™.

This workshop is focused on improving your interpersonal effectiveness when holding conversations that are simultaneously tough on work-based challenges whilst still improving relationships. It is a highly practical and research-based professional development opportunity with direct relevance to participants’ own leadership and school development. Participants engage in current problem solving contextualised in their individual roles and current organisation.

Day one will introduce you to the theory that underpins Open-to-learning™ Leadership and assist you to understand your leadership style in relation to Open-to-learning™ values.

Day two will provide you with opportunities to practise and provide you with individual and group coaching. You will receive feedback from experienced and accredited facilitators on your theory-in-use and how you might change your behaviour to become more effective in your conversations.

Dates: 17 & 18 March, 2 & 3 June, 1 & 2 September and 17 & 18 October

Times: 9am–4pm

Location: Auckland

Cost: $981 + GST each (or 10% discount for 3 or more participants)

RA-PLD: To access this workshop using Regionally-Allocated PLD hours contact Colin Donald: (027) 886 4678

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