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Posted: 10 November 2021
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I write the series of books Me and Dad, Me and Mum, Me and Grandad, Me and Nana. These are real life stories about everything any of us have ever done as kids. From hunting, fishing, cutting firewood, baking a cake, catching a possum and collecting honey. These are the stories that get reluctant readers to pick up a book. These books are about real life. Young boys are not interested in Spot the dog, but if the dog is chasing a wild pig it becomes a whole new story. While a lot of these books are rural orientated this doesn't mean that kids living in towns and cities in New Zealand won't understand them. None of us are far from a beach or farm and almost all of us have an Uncle or Auntie living in a rural area. While most of us will never own a Ferrari, a huge boat or our own helicopter that does not stop us dreaming. Kids are the same. They may never own a Go Kart, go hunting, fishing or ride on a big tractor but they are allowed to dream. I have produced 27 titles and 6 are translated to te reo. There are many more titles to come. These books are in schools across the country and I have never had anything but positive feedback.

Visit my website meanddadkidsbooks but do not buy books from the site as I discount them to schools.

Visit my Facebook page and see the feedback.

When possible I do school visits to chat with kids about reading and encouraging them to write. Teachers and parents have been quite surprised by the  sudden interest in reading from so called reluctant readers.

Please I am aware of the grammatically incorrect title but so was Dame Margaret Mahey. 

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