New What's On Our Plates Modules!

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Posted: 29 October 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAQnb

What's On Our Plates is a set of multimedia learning modules designed to enable anyone to explore Aotearoa New Zealand’s active plate boundary online, including the Alpine Fault and Hikurangi subduction zone.

Last year the first 3 modules of our What's On Our Plates? series was released, and we had such a great response we've made 2 more!

Module 5: Understanding our Shaky Landscape explains how earthquakes work and how we measure them to understand them better.

Module 8: Getting Ready for the Big One explains some of the things we can do to be better prepared for natural hazard events, like earthquakes.

There are now 5 What's On Our Plates? learning modules, with more coming soon. Each module includes an activity sheet and ends with a quiz to test your students learning.

They have been developed to target Level 4-6 achievement objectives from the science learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and are accompanied by a teacher guide.

What's On Our Plates? has been developed by AF8 [Alpine Fault magnitude 8] and East Coast Life at the Boundary (LAB) with the kind support of the Earthquake Commission (EQC).

All modules can be found on AF8 and East Coast LAB's websites:

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