Supporting student wellbeing and safety in the digital environment

Professional development (PD) Wellington

Posted: 27 October 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAQjp

Digital technologies and online spaces offer many positive opportunities for learning and life. However, the landscape has become complex and challenging for our tamariki and rangatahi, and can impact negatively on their wellbeing and learning. Easy and open access to devices and online spaces is happening at a time when young people are developing across many aspects of their life. This includes identity; physiology; cognitive, social, emotionalsexuality and gender. When we promote digital technologies as tools for learning in school we must also support students’ safetyhelping them become responsible, ethical and caring individuals within these online spaces. 

This course will draw on a wellbeing and capability lens to look at the current landscape for young people in Aotearoa. We will focus on a strengths and values based approach as we explore what is needed for them to develop the capabilitiesconfidenceattitudes, and values required to navigate the complexities online.  

This course is designed for teachers, leaders, and pastoral staff at all levels from Y1–13. The course is designed to be informative, interactive, and inquiring. At its conclusion you will understand the complexities and challenges young people face online and how you as a teacher or leader can make a significant difference in supporting them to be safe, capable, confident, and ethical citizens on and offline.  


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30 November 2021 – 30 November 2021