Leading by Learning Introductory Workshop

Professional development (PD) Auckland, Canterbury

Posted: 28 October 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAQji

Are you a team leader, a school leader, or a leader of a network of schools?

Are you struggling to make significant progress on problems of practice?

Is something preventing you and your colleagues from achieving your improvement?

Then Leading by Learning can help!

Leading by Learning is a partnership between Evaluation Associates and Viviane Robinson Consulting and expertly led by Jacqui Patuawa. Leading by Learning is focused on ways of communicating with people that maximises positive outcomes for learners. Leading by Learning examines how leaders may need to unlearn, and then re-learn, how they think and act in situations they find challenging.

You’ll use Leading by Learning to:

  • Be more effective in problem-solving conversations and meetings
  • Reduce the hard-to-discuss issues by building trust
  • Make greater progress in collaboratively solving problems of teaching and learning.

What you’ll get

Through Leading by Learning, you’ll learn to grapple with problems directly related to your context, and to build a collaborative culture in your kura or school.

Leading by Learning involves:

  • Coaching and feedback from accredited facilitators
  • Contextualised problem-solving
  • Time to focus on why we think what we think, and why we do what we do
  • Gaining insights into personal motivations and the impact that these have on those you lead
  • Learning practical ways to have learning-focused conversations
  • Increased knowledge of theory and practice underpinning Leading by Learning
  • A focus on school improvement
  • Access to the Leading by Learning Online Hub where you can attend exclusive webinars hosted by Viviane, Jacqui, and members of the Leading by Learning team
  • Have access to readings, videos, exemplars, and short courses to improve your use of Leading by Learning
  • Participate in exclusive learning opportunities, including online courses to extend your understanding and practice.

Events summary


31 August 2022 – 01 September 2022


24 August 2022 – 25 August 2022