Developmental Dyspraxia/DCD - Tools For Teacher Seminar

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Posted: 21 October 2021
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The Dyspraxia Support Group of New Zealand is holding a seminar which will explain Developmental Dyspraxia/DCD.
This will give you understanding and awareness of this common learning need as well as practical strategies and tips to use in the classroom for all learners.
Suitable for teachers and learning support staff from early childhood through to high school. Cost is $115 per person, morning tea and lunch included.

Speakers include:

Jacqui Scott - Dyspraxia Support Group of NZ Inc What is Developmental Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder? 

This presentation will give an overview of Dyspraxia/DCD and share ideas and strategies teachers and professionals can use to support children with Dyspraxia.

Alison Schroeder –Socially Speaking

Let’s get social

Seemingly simple, social skills are in reality quite complex.  For some, social development develops without effort or concrete teaching but for some with dyspraxia it does not.  These children may present with difficulties such as

making friendships, understanding the perspectives of others, reading ‘non-verbal’ cues, have flexible thinking and engage in effective and appropriate social problem solving strategies. 

This presentation will give an outline of social development and what it means to be social as well as practical ideas to support social interactions.

Bernice Swain – Stand Children's Services Tū Māia Whānau 

Bernice has spent many years working with children who have learning challenges, including dyspraxia. She has worked as a classroom teacher, in middle management and as a SENCO. We will spend this session exploring strategies that can effectively support children with dyspraxia in the classroom and school environment.

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18 November 2021 – 18 November 2021

Further information

Contact: Sue Hammett

 (03) 358 3249