Pathways to Primary school: A play-based curriculum

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 30 September 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAQ2z

Presented by Max Christie.

In this session Max will facilitate a discussion focused on play-based education, in Early Childhood Education (ECE) as well as at Primary School. The findings of recent literature around play in the early years of education from around the world and in Aotearoa will be discussed as play at primary school was the focus of Max’s first year of research towards his masters of education at Victoria University. The practical elements of implementing and maintaining a relational and place-based play curriculum will be explored and patterns in the literature will be identified. Max aims to bring teachers together to share practices and ideas to create a stronger link between ECE and primary school teaching professionals. What kinds of resources, environments, teaching practices and structural conditions will help teachers and children to thrive through play-based pedagogy?

This course runs from 4.30–6pm.

Cost: $50 per person.

Location: Highbrook Conference Suites, Ground Floor, Quest Building, 60 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki, 2013.

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22 October 2021 – 22 October 2021

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Contact: Anita Furter

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