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Posted: 23 September 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAPta

We are excited to launch the Kidpower Confident Kids Pilot for Canterbury primary/intermediate schools. This programme empowers young people to develop safe and successful communication to build healthy relationships and prevent harmful behaviour such as violence and bullying.

Thanks to funding from The Launch Foundation and Youthtown any primary and/or intermediate schools in the Canterbury region can sign up for free to receive:

  • Professional development session where teachers learn how to integrate our Skills First for Safety, strength-based, step-by-step Kidpower Positive Practice™ teaching method into their practice
  • Whānau session for parents, caregivers and whānau to understand what children are learning and how to support them
  • 3 pilot Kidpower for Children sessions for Y0–8 to trial the programme. Skills focus on ‘can do’ and are taught using interactive role-play. Topics can include boundary setting, safety with peers/anti-bullying and safety when out and about.

A spot can be secured by emailing, or signing up online at

The initial pilot is for 25 schools, so register your interest to secure your school.

Empowerment Trust is a registered charity. Our vision is a New Zealand-Aotearoa where all people are empowered to live, play, learn and work in safe communities free from harm and violence through empowering communities to foster healthy relationships through skills-based learning.

We envisage a New Zealand where:

  • Parents/adults are aware and take responsibility of children’s, other vulnerable people’s and their own safety. They are role models teaching children skills and preparing them for a successful, fulfilling life with the aim of minimising or eliminating trauma and harm. 
  • Children at school learn skills to support themselves using their body language and voices to assert their boundaries; speaking out when things are wrong; persisting in getting help when needed and to de-escalating rather than rise to triggers.

Further information

Contact: Sharee Retallick

 (0800) 543 769