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Posted: 23 September 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAPrD

GNS Science would like to invite interested schools to contact us about participating in research to raise awareness and reduce emissions from transport, this is an opportunity for schools to co-develop campaigns and collect science data to prove what is the most effective way to reduce emissions. 

GNS is leading the world in measuring carbon emissions at source with monitors, we would like to install these monitors within schools and run different campaigns to reduce transport emissions at school, students would collect the emissions data from the monitors and draw science based conclusions as to what is the most effective way to change behaviour associated with transport. This work would be done through Curious Minds research and would start in 2022, however, we need to engage schools now and ask that interested teachers contact us immediately. Not only is this an exciting opportunity for student engagement in climate change science, but measuring actual emissions savings at source and based on changed behaviour is a world first in science research!  Drawing a correlation between behaviour change campaigns and emissions savings is also critical for national policy shaping.

This engagement opportunity covers all aspects of the school curriculum, e.g. the students might like to co-design the campaigns to reduce school pickups and drop offs, there is social science engagement required by conducting surveys, lots of statistical analysis, science data collection from the monitors, and an authentic opportunity to understand carbon from transport in the atmosphere. GNS scientists would work closely with the school teachers and students, we are open to working with intermediate or high school students.

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For more information search for CarbonWatch or the Great Greenhouse Gas Grass Off.

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