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Posted: 07 September 2021
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Do you know what is a Child-Safe organisation looks like?

Learn steps your organisation can take to become more Child-Safe!

Join our Free 30-Minute Webinar to to get started!

This webinar will introduce you to the core elements of a child-safe organisation, and the steps organisations can take to make their place, safer for children. You will be guided to the development work your organisation needs to move forward on this journey. 

Why do we need child-safe organisations?

Child abuse has a significant impact on children’s health and wellbeing now and in the future. We all have a duty of care to do the best we can to safeguard children and young people from harm and abuse. All organisations working with children and young people must take steps to prevent abuse and recognise and respond swiftly to intervene early to minimise harm. 

Parents and caregivers have high levels of concern, expectation and trust in organisations to keep children in their care safe, yet there is a disconnect between their expectations and the actions organisations take to ensure children are safe. The truth is the majority of organisations with a duty of care are failing to meet the standards required of a child-safe organisation and what parents demand, and children deserve. 

Safeguarding children

We are a registered charity and a leading provider of safeguarding and child protection education and support, helping New Zealand to create child-safe organisations.

Understanding what must be done to protect children is a challenge. For many organisations knowing where to start and implementing the change needed is overwhelming. We are recognised experts in this field, and are here to help. 

To watch this free webinar visit Safeguarding Children 

Safeguarding Children are proud to be an approved agency of Oranga Tamariki and Ministry of Education.


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